UPDATED: 30.08.2021 – Guidance for attending MARS events. Current Covid requirements.

As we look to welcome people back to MARS with the easing of restrictions we would like to outline the rules that are in place for the protection of all who visit the venue. These are in line with current government guidance and will be revised in line with current information should that guidance change.

We ask that if you are attending MARS that you fulfill certain requirements, these are the responsible things to do to protect yourself and others and you will be asked to demonstrate on arrival that you have complied with the instructions below.

Once you arrive at the venue, you will be temperature checked and you will need to provide a name and phone number for test and trace. This information will be kept securely offline and only used for NHS test and trace in the event of a venue alert, once the retention period has expired the info will be destroyed in line with GDPR regulations.

Mask wearing will not be required, but if you wish to wear one for your own protection please feel free to do so, gas masks are especially welcome. 😉 Hand sanitiser will be freely available all over the venue so please take advantage of it and masks and gloves are available should you require them. Social distancing should be observed whenever possible and as such the kitchen will be off limits to members apart from those allocated to kitchen duties.

We have also taken the decision to restrict access to the luggage area as a potential bottleneck, so please ensure that your kit is kept in proximity with you and only bring the gear that you need for the event. Please be aware of the potential for cross contamination, so extra diligence should be taken on top of usual protocols for the cleaning of both large and small kit, especially where multiple people are liable to interact with or handle it. Antibacterial sprays and paper towels will be freely available as usual for the cleaning of kit before and after play, please use it.

Our small kit is still available for you to use but must be requested and a £5 cleaning charge will be applicable. That kit is then yours alone for the evening and will be logged for cleaning on its return.

This post will be updated in line with changing guidance, so just because you read this post for a previous event please ensure that for subsequent events that the guidance has not changed.

We look forward to welcoming you back, or greeting you warmly if you have never attended before, and look forward to the future with our awesome little community of members safely, responsibly and kinkily.


Updated 30.08.2021 to simplify and to require LFT for all attendees