Play event for Lesbian, bi, Trans, Queer Women

Whilst the event is aimed at lesbian, bi and hetro-flexible women, we extend our welcome to all women, by women we mean any person who considers themselves female, lives as a female full time or is a female born gender-fluid/queer person.

The event organisers are Pansexual and Poly in Play are experienced in many aspects of play, dynamics and etiquette and protocols for those new to the scene or those wanting to learn more.

DATE: Saturday 18th September 2021

TIME: 7.00pm – 1.00am

COST: £15pp

Mars has a wide range of equipment;

Dedicated Vintage 1950’s Medical Room

Rubber Room with mini suspension rig

Bunker Play Space

We have a cafe area for you to chill and chat, we serve Tea, Coffee, Soft drinks and Snacks at a small charge, or feel free to bring along a little tipple, but please drink responsibly 🙂

Please feel free to bring, kit/toys, self monitored scenes are welcome, but please be aware there is a no sex or full nudity policy at paid events at MARS, if you like to dress feel free to don your best kit.